Fort Collins Food Coop Buy In Bulk

Buying Bulk Saves

You can bring your own containers for bulk items or the coop also has clean new and reusable containers for you to use as well. Buying in Bulk saves money and packaging. Buy as little or as much as you need.

PLU and We'll Love You

Remember to write the PLU number on all the items you get from our bulk section, and in the end we'll love you just for remembering. Since the products are not pre-packaged our cashiers use the PLU numbers to look up the prices for the items you buy. Don't worry if you forget a number, we do it all the time too!

Cooking up Coop Style

Conveniently we at the COOP have included basic preparation instructions on most of our dry bulk items. Also check out our recipes section on this website, as well as Coop cookbooks available inshore.


Buying in bulk not only saves the environment through reduced packaging, but bulk also allows you to save money by only purchasing the amount you need. Buy a little or a lot; either way you, your family, and the earth will all save. We have well over 200 items in our dry bulk food department, a number of which are locally produced and organic. These include grains, rices, nuts, flours, granolas, sugars, tortilla chips, cookies, pasta, salts, dried fruit, and more. Feel free to bring your own containers or we have containers available for free for you to use.

How to Bulk