Fort Collins Food Coop Checking Your List

Monthly Sales for Everyone

Throughout all of our departments, including the grocery isles, members and non-members alike will find monthly sales. Red sale tags indicate monthly sales and orange tags indicate member sale items.

Basically, Basics

Our somewhat newly introduced "Basics" program is a way to cut profit margins on items like bread, milk, eggs, butter, and more. Larger grocery stores reduce the margins on these basic or must have items and increase margins on more impulse items. As a Coop we are committed to reducing our margins store wide to guarantee the best price possible.

Stocking the Shelves

We are constantly getting in new items and always searching out the best in locally made and organically produced items. If there's something you are missing or a new product you just discover let us know and we'll look into carrying it too.


Our grocery departments offers a variety of 'traditional' and exotic items. From pet food to cleaners, pasta sauces to sports drinks, we have everything on your shopping list.

The Coop's grocery department is where you will find a wide selection of pre-packaged foods, with a high value placed on providing locally and organically produced items. Come see our wide variety of traditional and exotic products on our shelves. Ranging from hot sauces to pasta sauces, canned vegetables and beans, pastas and mac 'n cheese, pet food, cleaning products, juices, soups, snacks and more. Again, a number of these products are locally produced, value added products such as Horsetooth Hot Sauce, and Gilberto's Spaghetti Sauce.