Fort Collins Food Coop Membership

2016 Food Co-opon Brochure

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Reasons to Take The Pledge:

What Other Grocery Stores Offer Gift Incentives For You To Shop?

Support A Truly Environmentally Conscious, Locally Sustainable Business That Mirrors Your Beliefs.

Keep Your Money In Your Community.

Make Your Food Budget Dollars Truly Count.

Get Your Monthly Dose of Our Community Food Co-op.

Support Our Food Co-op That Supports The Triple Bottom Line; People, Planet, and Profits.

Keep Your Money On Main Street, Not Wall Street.

Support A Store That Supports Your Community.

Anything Worth Having Is Worth The Time, Money, And Energy Spent To Sustain It.

Make The Most Of This CoľOpportunity By Being Someone Who Cares Enough To Change Your Shopping Habits.

The Food Coľop Helps Us Survive; Let's Help The Food Coľop Thrive!

End Of The Pledge Year Incentives such as, Gift Certificates, Food Co-op, Mason Jars, T-shirts, and Tote Bags.

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Member-Owner Information

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Membership Pledge
How It Works:

Member-Owners may pledge to spend any dollar amount, over $20, monthly at the Fort Collins Food Co-operative. Gifts will be awarded at the end of the 2016 calender year to those Member-Owners who are successful in their pledge!

Below we've outlined 3 pledge levels, with gift incentives, for Member-Owners who fulfill their monthly pledge. Choose the level that best fits your monthly food budget and pledge to spend what you can!

With more of your food budget spent monthly at the Food Co-op, we can increase our profit, thereby increasing the amount of money spent in our local food shed, and ideally be able to give more back to our Member-Owner patronage and the Fort Collins community.

Membership Pledge Membership Pledge